One of the most exorbitant charges for a company can be related to fuel costs. To keep revenue high, costs low, and shipping and logistics operations running efficiently, accurate weighing scales form the bedrock of any shipping/logistics operation.

RealTech’s light industrial scale line covers cargo from letters to very large parcels. RealTech’s Enterprise Point-of-Sale features stainless steel construction, interfaces with POS protocols, and has optional ball-top transfers to expedite shipping processes. The CIM In-Motion Checkweigher amplifies package processing power with a ½ horsepower conveyor belt to save time and money.

RealTech’s EB series bench scales vary from 15 to 300lbs to accommodate any-sized package. The 190, 204, 205, and 210 indicators can integrate with the bench scales for fantastic operation in any shipping environment. For moist environments, the Admiral Series CA-190 is impervious to water and humidity that put most other bench scales out of commission.

For portable weighing, the Run-A-Weigh has integral wheels and a low profile to easily move and weigh when time is short. RealTech’s portable digital and beam scales provide portable, fast, and accurate performance.

For counting smaller pieces, RealTech’s Electronic Counting Scale has the answer. Ranging in capacities from 30, 65, and 100 lb, this well-designed scale has a count accumulator, piece weight, and part counter when hundreds of pieces need to be weighed quickly.

RealTech’s shipping/logistics line can cover any weighing need with the expediency expected for such a time-sensitive industry.