Weighing equipment has a very distinct and broad range of uses when it comes to livestock. From stationary to mobile scales, from single to multi-animal, RealTech has livestock weighing equipment for nearly any scenario needed on a ranch.

For single-animal weighing, RealTech offers the SLS Single Animal Livestock Scale. NTEP approved and available in a variety of widths and lengths, the SLS provides a viable option for weighing sheep, cattle, goats, horses, and much more. This scale can be provided with or without a pen to surround the platform, tailored for more docile animals.

RealTech also provides Ag Load Bars for versatile and simple scale implements to use underneath a variety of farm applications. RealTech’s Ag Load Bars can be utilized in alleyway platforms, cages, bins, squeeze chutes, and hoppers.

For larger livestock, RealTech has created the NTEP-approved Harvester series Pre-Cast Concrete Low-Profile Scale. With three capacities, etched concrete diamond pattern flooring, 5 ½ ft tall pens, and customizable gating selection, this scale can comfortably and safely weigh several animals at once.

For mobile and portable livestock weighing, RealTech offers the Weight Wrangler line. These USA-made, NTEP-approved scales come with the option of a mobile single or tandem axle option, or a portable lower-frame option. Both include the rubberized component deck, dual gates, and steel cattle pen enclosure for safely weighing 15-20 head of livestock at a time.