Commercial Fishing

Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing requires weighing equipment capable of enduring very harsh, severe environments, but it still needs to be incredibly accurate and responsive. Detecto’s digital hanging scales, floor scales, and bench scales cover the vast needs of the fishing industry. From the shipping yards to the markets, Detecto provides a high-quality application for every situation.

For heavy weighing applications, the HSDC series is perfect for crane-like applications. For any suspended weighing need the HSDC has a high max capacity, with over 9 different models to choose from. This NTEP-certified unit is made of aluminum alloy to provide strength against the harshest of elements.

For fish being weighed at a processing facility, the Admiral Series is perfect. These stainless steel, waterproof scales and indicators resist contaminants and water damage brought on by the fishing industry. The capacitive keys resist damage from sharp objects while the color-coded LCD screen provides a checkweigher function for expedient weighing.

RealTech/Detecto’s wide range of floor scales feature baked-on polyester paint that resists rusting and contamination. The Enforcer, RuggedWeigh, and FloorHugger are super-durable decks with low to high capacities. All of these lines are NTEP certified for commercial transactions.

Detecto’s complete line of fish weighing scales provides specialized answers to the unique needs of commercial fisherman all over the globe.