RealTech offers a full line of products engineered for the specific demands of the aviation and air freight industry. Busy airports and baggage terminals depend on the quality and accuracy of RealTech’s baggage scales and indicators, and airport freight operations rely on the durability of our ruggedly built cargo forklift scales and 3d dimensioning systems.

Overweight bags have a significant impact on revenue. When check-in lines are backed up, overweight bags are often overlooked to avoid passenger delays. Ensure 100 percent of the potential lost revenue is being captured by installing the tracer® aviation baggage weighing system. When configured weight limits are exceeded, the counter attendant is alerted with a flashing indication. RealTech tracer aviation systems are legal for trade and offer an intelligent solution for baggage weighing.

Fast-paced airport cargo terminals need equipment to help move freight faster without compromising accuracy. RealTech cargo solutions are built to fulfill that need with the utmost quality in product design. The cls-420 and cls-920i cargo lift scales are scale attachments mounted directly to any class ii or class iii forklift. The cls allows freight material handlers to weigh pallets during the material handling process, saving time and money.

To ensure pallets, parcels and packages meet air freight dimensional requirements, RealTech offers the iDimension™ series as the compliance solution. With dimensioning systems available for countertops, workstations, shipping and receiving departments, and air freight and cargo terminals, RealTech’s iDimension captures accurate dimensions, weight, bar codes, ocr text and an image of static items in less than a second.

Aviation Tracer AVi Bench Scale

In the aviation industry, measurement plays an important role from baggage weights at the gate to pallet dimensioning and material handling in bustling cargo terminals. RealTech’s aviation solutions help improve air travel and shipping processes, and are always backed by RealTech’s legendary service and commitment to quality.